EMERGE is a centre aiming at making educational institutions, starting with NTNU, able to incorporate exploration of emerging technologies and culture, and development in their ordinary teaching and learning practice, including their origination, culture, technical and physical facilities..

The current EMERGE experiments include 9 courses at NTNU, an emerging learning lab and external projects. A course may be part of EMERGE for 2-5 years, being subject to exploration and transformation. After this period the course should be able to continue its development with a much looser connection to the center. This shows our on-going cycle of trial and evolution.

Our goal is to contribute to excellence by uniting and supporting teachers who want to explore emerging aspects and recourses and expertise, offering support for innovative teaching and learning. This unification is grounded in the disciplinary departments and on-going teaching, where EMERGE will serve as an arena for systematic experience formation, exchange and development (action research).


  • 7th of June, 2024 - The annual EMERGE conference


EMERGE - Centre for Student-Active Learning and Emerging Technologies

In a world characterized by rapid transformations of technology, society and culture, we want to establish a practice for continuous, systematic development of education, to keep up with the world. At the front are the students themselves as explorers of emerging technologies and ways of learning. The goal is to improve universities, and other learning institution's ability to facilitate continuous development of learning methods. This involves technology, organization, rooms, methods of learning and assessment. A dialogical teacher-student-relation is central, motivated by shared matters-of-concern in the exploration of an emerging world. We achieve this through an experimental approach to teaching wherein the classroom is considered as a "laboratory", where we not only learn together, but also discover how to learn. The annual cycles of experimentation is at the heart of EMERGE, gathering, engaging, developing and making available existing recourses of education.